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2019: Spagnoli Lab Website

Spagnoli Lab is a research group that is interested in understanding the interplay between extrinsic signals and intrinsic determinants in establishing and maintaining cell identities. With a move from Germany to the UK, the Spagnoli Lab needed a website to explain and promote their work.

2019: INCON Website

INCON is a global partnership of trusted conference and association management companies. After 5 years of their previous website design they requested an update to their branding as well as a website that is optimised for SEO and responsive across all devices.

2018: Pan3DP Website

The EU H2020 FET-Open Pan3DP project establishes a multi-disciplinary consortium with the goal of developing an innovative bioprinting approach for generating pancreatic tissue. As a newly formed consortium they required a website to explain and promote their work.

2018: ECACon2018 Assets

The annual ECA conference brings together the best and brightest of the Event Cinema industry to network, share best practices, showcase upcoming content, debate important commercial and technical issues affecting the sector as well as recognise key achievements and milestones over the past year through the ECA Awards. The event is host to more than 250 industry players from over 20 territories worldwide and is the only event of its kind in the world.